Is your Beard Summer Ready?

Get your Beard Summer Ready!

Is your beard looking fine, and now you’re stressing because summer is around the corner and you have to cut it off. Think again. There is no reason to shave off your beard just because it is summer. 

 Some suggest beards can actually help cool you. Beards keep sweat close to your skin and hose droplets eventually cool off and keep you cool. And when they evaporate, that also creates a cooling effect. 

 Here is the thing though, having that sweat kept close to your skin can be bad for your pores. Additionally, you will be putting sunblock on, so that adds more pore blocking gunk. 

But you do not need to fret and shave off that fine beard. Just wash your beard! That is all. Keep it clean and there is no reason to shave it off. 

In addition to keeping your beard and the skin under your beard clean, a good beard wash will also moisturize your beard so that it does not become brittle and dry in the summer heat. 

Red's Groomed Man Beard Treatment soap is handcrafted and formulated for close and full beards.  

This Beard Treatment soap works into a rich but not too-heavy lather to cleanse, soften and moisturize your beard.  

Formulated with nourishing ingredients such as almond oil, pure olive oil, vitamin E and many other premium oils to repair and strengthen facial hair to create a healthy environment for growth and noticeable appearance. 

Every treatment bar is created using only the highest quality natural ingredients. 

So while you do not need to cut off your beard for the summer, you do need to continue to care for it. Sunblock, sweat and extra outdoor activities create a petri dish in your beard. That fine looking beard still needs love and care in the summer.  

We can help!

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