Trends for Men Fall 2021

The runways are really turning it up for fall trends this year, and we gotta be honest, we are ready for the fall fun they are proposing.

The great thing about these trends is they can be causal, posh or business appropriate, and tailored to fit your style. 

Here are our favorites:

Sweater vests are back!

You may have noticed the 90s are cool again. Women’s fashion, check. Revival of 90s’ music, check. TV and movie reboots, check.

For men, it is sweater vests!.

Coming out of the trenches

Yup, keeping with the 90s’ trends we have trench coats back in style. You’ll find trench coats in Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Fendi’s collections.

And on more for the 90s

Flannels. Though revived a few years ago, this fall will be no different. Flannel is in. 

Suit up, or down.

The runaways turned suits on their heads this year. Maybe it's because we have been working from home for so long, but finally the suit is having a revival moment and we are all in. Jacket lengths, material and matching tops and bottoms have been flipped, turned and changed. 


Fall has always been a time for outside activities, but as we continue to battle this virus, many of us will be opting for outside events even more. And so the jacket becomes an even bigger part of our outfit. This fall, look for waxed cotton jackets, lightweight parkas and leather!


Ok so layers do not sound like a new trend. But this fall we’ll be seeing more monochrome layering. Same color, different tones or neutrals on neutrals.

Colorful jackets

While our layers might be blunted, the jackets will pop. Colorful jackets are in this fall. 


The fun keeps going. Leather belts and bracelets are in as are watches and jewelry.

There may not be a lot of predictability this fall, but one thing we can know for sure is the fashion is going to be amazing.

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