Barber of the Month: Philly's Keith Gee

Keith Gee is the owner and operator of Reds Creative Kutz. It is no coincidence that the name of his shop and the name of our beard products are the same. Keith was our flagship barber. The first to sell our product in his shop! He even helped refine our product in its nascent stages.


(FYI-to all you barbers out there- hit us up if you are interested in becoming a reseller and having your name featured on a bottle! Groomed Man will customize for your shop/brand!)


When Keith was first introduced to our product he liked how it softened beards while keeping the natural feel. He also liked the peppermint smell-perfect for near the mouth! He was sold.


Reds Creative Kutz was established in 2004 and is located on Wadsworth Ave in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia. Keith got his start in barbering at a shop down the street, but since barber school, he had a goal: 10 years in a shop and then he would open his own.


Keith is clearly a goal-oriented man because that is what happened.


When Keith set out to open his shop, he knew he wanted it to be a family place. He had learned by working for 10 years in another shop that the owner sets the tone of the shop, so it would be up to him to create a family-friendly shop that did not invite “riff-raff.”


Keith has a few simple rules he asks his barbers and stylist to follow.

  • No cursing
  • People cannot hang out here all-day
  • You are here to work

These simple rules and hiring the right people have allowed Reds to be the family-oriented unisex shop he had always dreamed of. And people are loyal to Keith. When he left the shop, 6 of his clients followed him. He has had 2 barbers and 1 stylist with him since the beginning of the shop’s opening.


Reds currently has 14 stations. Like a traditional shop, these stations line the walls. Like most successful visionaries, once Keith achieved his dream, he did not stop dreaming.


Soon he plans to remodel the shop. He envisions a booth style shop with one big tall station with a barber/stylist on either side of that booth. Keith's vision is to bring a more modern look, like the shops in Center City Philadelphia to Mt. Airy. This facelift will give the shop a sleeker and more private feel, but will not change the family-oriented model.

Groomed Man is very proud to have teamed up with Keith and his shop. He was born and raised in Philadelphia and continues to serve his community by providing high-quality service for all.

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