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Groomed Man is a hair grooming brand for men of color headquartered in Philadelphia. The Founder and CEO created Groomed Man in her kitchen. She wanted to focus on the hair care of men by offering a range of products such as beard therapy oil, shampoo bar, the infamous beard treatment bar, and wave grease.

In the beginning, it was simply an experiment. It began with testing various fragrances and essential oils, just to see the results. While experimenting the focus remained on one thing — “creating products that would change the way men groom their hair today.” The creative journey started as a hobby, while the founder ran a full-time boutique marketing firm, but after sample testing the products with friends and family, she decided to launch her first round of a long list of hair grooming products for men.

Groomed Man was first launched at its flagship location, Reds Creative Kutz, located at 1611 E. Wadsworth Ave Philadelphia, Pa. Reds Creative Kutz has been a staple in the community for more than 2 decades. The owner and master barber, Keith Gee played an intricate role in the development of each product, lending his decades of experience with men’s grooming to help develop a line of premium grooming products for men. 

Whether it’s a softer beard, deep waves or a hair therapy oil treatment, Groomed Man products are what the future of grooming and hair care looks like. 

This story is an extraordinary entrepreneurial success story of a "minority-owned business that caters primarily to men of color.

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