Tips for a Little Self-Care & Grooming

Reds Groomed Man

Winter is harsh on the body and soul. But a little self-care can help both of those. As if winter is not hard enough to bear, the world has tacked on a pandemic. If you have never considered a skin care routine, now is the time to do it and become a pro at it.

We are not suggesting an hour-long facial or uncomfortable mask. Just a few basic products to make your skin shine and to remind yourself that dammit, you are worth it.

We are lucky enough to see grooming products designed for men of
color these days, like Reds Groomed Man products. Reds Groomed Man products are designed with men of color in mind.

Moisturize Man!
We know that winter brings dry and itchy skin. That is why moisturizing is so important and the first step of your skin care routine.

Choose products that are filled with natural ingredients that will moisturize and hydrate your skin. Be sure your moisturizer is oil-based and not so heavy that it will clog your pores. Avoid products that are made with harsh fragrances and chemicals that will dry out your skin.

If you want a fragrant moisturizer, essential oils can provide that for you without drying out your skin.

Care for your Skin and Beard
While your beard may keep your face warm, it is not protecting
your skin from the drying agents of winter. The skin underneath your bread
still needs love and care. And so does your beard. Find a product that can help
both your beard and the skin underneath. A nice oil-based beard oil will do the

Groomed Man offers the perfect bundle for this:

Beard Therapy
Keep your beard healthy, shiny and soft with Reds Groomed Man Beard Therapy. Formulated with light natural oils, such as avocado oil, vitamin E and coconut oil, designed to keep healthy beards healthy. This Beard Therapy keeps your healthy treated beard hair strong, stimulates growth and creates a noticeable appearance. Combined with a fresh light peppermint scent, its light fragrance won't interfere with your preferred cologne.

Beard Treatment
Red's Groomed Man Beard Treatment is handcrafted and formulated for close and full beards. This Beard Treatment Bar works into a rich but not-too-heavy
lather to cleanse, soften and moisturize your beard. Formulated with nourishing
ingredients such as coconut oil, pure olive oil, vitamin E and many other
premium oils to repair and strengthen facial hair to create a healthy
environment for growth and noticeable appearance.

Protect your Lips
If you do not have a jacket chapstick, a car chapstick and an office chapstick, I am worried about you. Winter is harsh on our lips. And let’s be honest, soft lips are important. First, because cracked, dry and whitened lips are gross looking. And second, lips are for kissing!

Look for a lip balm that is designed to keep moisture in. These should be based on cocoa or shea butter, beeswax or natural oils.

Dress right!
Proper preparation prevents a poor appearance. A scarf will keep the cold drying wind off your neck, the lower part of your face and lips. Gloves will keep your hands from drying out. Don’t negate your skin care routine by walking into the cold, moist wind without the right protection.

Skincare routines
sound time intensive and feminine, but they are simply an important step in
keeping your skin healthy and good-looking. Two things are not relegated to
women for sure. The steps mentioned in this article are the bare minimum. Start
here and we will help you had to that routine soon!

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