Local Women Write a Book You'll Want to Gift to Everyone!

Lora Bynum and Ti Dandy met in 2016 when they were working for the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disabilities as Program Analysts. In just a few short months of knowing each other, there was a connection and an idea. Through their work, they noticed that all too often children, especially children of color, get labeled as bad when really below the surface there is a problem not being addressed.


Bynum and Dandy wanted to see a book out there that helped children understand and express their emotions. They also wanted to guide the adults that worked with and cared for these children. Through their conversations, shared experiences and passion for people the idea for Cree Wins the Day organically emerged.


Bynum has her B.A in Criminology and Psychology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, her M.S in Criminal Justice from St. Joseph’s University and her Masters in Public Administration from Villanova University. Dandy has her B.A in Communications and Psychology from Albright College and her Masters of Law and Social Policy and her Masters of Social Service from Bryn Mawr College.


Bynum and Dandy are also both adjunct professors at Harcum College in the Human Services department.


Listen to these women!


Cree Wins the Day starts off with a little girl with a disability, Cree, having “the worst day imaginable,” as Bynum put it in Groomed Man’s interview. Nothing goes right from the start and eventually a guidance counselor steps in and helps Cree process her emotions and work towards having a better day.


Cree, a young black girl with natural hair (an intentional character since the authors wanted to show representation) learns, in the end, two valuable lessons. First, it is ok to be uniquely you, whether you have a disability or not. And second, one bad moment does not have to dictate the rest of your day.


Both Bynum and Dandy grew up in North Philadelphia. They actually lived about 6 blocks away from each other their whole lives but never knew each other since they attended different schools. Growing up in North Philadelphia inspired in each of them a passion for social justice and reform, the desire to help others, especially vulnerable populations, and a strong desire to succeed.


Cree Wins the Day is a self-published book. It is sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and through various other online platforms. Before COVID-19 hit, Bynum and Dandy were making appearances on radio shows, vending events, mental health fairs, schools, churches and African American book fairs to sell their books. They have had an amazing reception with several schools buying their book in bulk!


Many readers have reached out to the authors asking for a resource guide. While it does not exist at this moment, you can be sure these ambitious women will get one done. It is on their to- do list. Eventually, they will be able to provide readers and professionals with a manual of behavioral health Q&As that can help children and adults process the book. They also intend to include coloring sheets for Cree as well as a list of resources.

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